*flails and waves* Hello! My name is Aimal, and I’m so excited that you’re here on this corner of my world in a place where I ramble about things I love (mostly books), and make it seem like my opinion is more important than it actually is.

I was raised in Lahore, and live in New York City. I’m a senior at NYU, getting a degree in Applied Psychology, though I want to work in publishing after graduating – my inner Slytherin that craves money is clearly mad at this idea.

I’m incredibly passionate about diversity in literature, and have made a pact with myself that I will do my utmost best to read diversely. It’s been going fantabulously so far. I love to review books, I love to share my love for them, and I hope we can be friends and bond over our mutual interests (or non-mutual interests, because, ya know, I’m an open-minded person). 😊

Random things I enjoy

β‡’ Books, obviously, but specifically really big fantasy books? It’s 600 pages? Well… *grabby hands*

β‡’ The rain and thunderstorms, and that specific smell right after it rains.

β‡’ Zayn Malik, bro. Have you seen his face? Have you heard his voice? He makes me melt into a puddle of butter.

β‡’ Food, but especially biryani. You feel?

β‡’ The love-to-hate trope, and the fake dating to real dating trope.

β‡’ Music – all types of it, really. There’s always a little tune in my head, and it’s a nice life.

β‡’ Netflix-binges. I’m a big fan of TV shows over movies, really, so binging is right up my alley.

β‡’ Soldiers in YA series; Chaol Westfall? My ultimate book boyfriend.

β‡’ Bookish scented candles.

β‡’ Graphic design. I like Photoshop, and I like playing around with it a lot. 😁

If you’d like to know more about me, my reading tastes, and stuff, you can follow me on social media, of course:

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  1. Hello! I only recently discovered you, though I am familiar with your diversity meme and have seen many other bloggers partake. My name is Melanie, and I’m over at grabthelapels.com. I look forward to reading your blog posts!

  2. I have gone through a few of your posts and I find that your blog is interesting and well written. Just have to leave a comment to let you know. Have a wonderful new week!! Cheers!

  3. Hi Aimal

    I just wanted to pop by and say hello. Your blog is so beautiful .. I love the colours and graphics. I look forward to reading more of your blog posts.

    Nicola πŸ™‚

  4. Love the look of your blog – easy to follow and so beautiful!
    Don’t give up on your book, even if you’re in a book writing funk just take a breather and then keep going after a while – but never give up writing! πŸ™‚
    – Aneta

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