Donate – Build 141 Schools in Pakistan for the 141 Lives Lost in the Peshawar School Attack

I’m sorry that this is not book-related, but as a Pakistani, I feel that I should do everything in my power to advance this program. It is important, and it is is essential for not only our survival, but essential to send a message to the world that we are not a terrorist country, that we are also weeping because of the rampant domestic terrorism in our country, and that we are united against it.

It’s been a little over two months since the Peshawar school attack in Pakistan on December 16th, 2014. 141 people were shot to death by the Taliban, 133 of these people were children.

I know a lot of people have this misconception that these souls died, because the terrorists were intolerant of their education. While this is true in other instances, it is not true in this particular one. The terrorists killed these innocent children because they were sons and daughters of soldiers and generals. The Pakistani army is currently carrying out extensive operations in North Waziristan to drive out the terrorists. These cowards attacked our children as a sick form of revenge. They were shot after being asked if their parent was in the army. I think it is an insult to remember them in any other way, because it works to undermine Pakistan’s efforts to combat domestic terrorism. Pakistan was asleep before, but it is not anymore, and it’s important that we acknowledge this.

Ali Zafar, a leading musician, artist and actor in Pakistan, who has also worked in several films in India, has recently gathered 40 Pakistani artists and produced a song called ‘Urainge’ (We Will Fly), as not only a tribute to the lives lost on that tragic day, but also as a means to show the world that we are united against terrorism. Pakistan is a third-world country under a corrupt government and a falling economy, and it cannot do this on its own.

The song is available on iTunes for $0.99. Every single penny will go towards a program that is working to build 141 schools in Pakistan for every live lost on that day.

If the terrorists want to attack, we will fight back. They want to kill our children? We will send more to schools so they can be educated and fight back. They want to silence our voices? We will gather leading artists and scream in rage.

It is time the Taliban realize that they cannot win. And we can’t do this on our own. So please, help us.

Buy the song here on iTunes. Your support can make a difference.

Ali Zafar’s original post, releasing the song.

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