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tvHello everyone! I hope you’ve all been having a great start to the year. I’m currently enjoying my second last day of winter break before I have to go back to university and start working my ass off again. Also, winter storm Jonas is in full-fledge in New York, and I’m snowed in while my parents are snowed in at their jobs. I’m pretty sure there’s a foot and a half of snow outside. I also have no food.

With that bleak thought, let’s get into my post. XD


Season 6, Episode 12: Charlotte’s Web

So, I’m pretty glad with the directions Pretty Little Liars is going in Season 6B. I agree with several other viewers when they say that the liars are more interesting now that they’re out of high school. I buy their personalities and their circumstances much, much more. I thought Charlotte’s Web was a solid episode that opened up a lot of potential storylines, while also giving us more steady detail about what happened during the five year time-jump.

The Good:

  • The dinner with Hannah’s new beau, Jordan, was just as awkward as I was expecting. I always look forward to ex-boyfriends meeting new boyfriends. It’s one of the greatest angsty television tropes of all time. Competitive glares, unnecessarily tight handshake grips? I live for that. Granted, all that didn’t take place here, but the awkwardness was there.


  • I like how Marlene King is taking Ezra down a dark path again. I think there’s considerable doubt regarding his innocence, even though I don’t totally believe he’s guilty yet.
  • I love how there’s a mystery around what’s going on with Emily. Her character is much darker than it was in the past seasons, and while I hope she’s doing okay, I can’t help but be excited to see what’s going down.
  • The deal with Spencer’s paper, and how Ezra had read it makes stuff a lot more interesting.

The Bad:

  • Allison going ape-shit crazy for a person who tried to kill her and her friends just for lulz. Yeah, I get that you want a family, but come on. Everyone’s better off now that Charlotte’s dead. Get over it, bish.


  • I’m not loving the chemistry between Jordan and Hanna, nor am I loving the chemistry between Aria and whoever pretty boy is. Go back to your old people, please.
  • Spencer and Caleb will ALWAYS be on my ‘bad’ list as long as King insists on making something happen between them. How about no. Spaleb (or Cancer, as I prefer to call it) needs to go.

Rating for ‘Charlotte’s Web’ – 7 stars of 10


Season 11, Episode 10: The Devil in the Details

So, my boys are back in one hell of an episode full of showdowns with the devil, betrayals from an evil, Scottish witch, the King of Hell in a onesie getting a Funko Pop Sam Winchester figurine from Lucifer-Santa. This was a great episode, and it makes me so excited for everything else coming to me in the second half of Season 11.

The Good:

  • Well, Lucifer’s back. I can’t ever get over Lucifer, and how cool and bad-ass he was. His dynamic with Sam is such a pleasure (and not) to watch because you’re always so unsure of what’s going to happen. I’m so glad they brought him back, even if I know it’s only for a little bit. He’s one hell of a character.


  • Lucifer is now in Castiel. While I’m a little bummed that Cas has had to make yet another sacrifice in the place of the Winchesters, can we just talk about how Misha Collins had ALL of Mark’s characteristics down? That was some quality acting, even though it was a little disturbing to watch the usually solemn Cas act like a blood-crazed fanatic.
  • Rowena’s dead, hell yeah. I didn’t like her. Her storyline was getting boring. Crowley trusts her, she betrays him, he trusts her again, she betrays him. Bitch got what was coming to her.
  • The opening sequence was one of the best I’ve ever seen. Petition to see Mark Sheppard in a Christmas onesie indefinitely on the show?
  • Lucifer giving Sam a lecture on how he doesn’t have any balls anymore, hahaha. I can’t even.

The Bad:

  • I’m still so bummed that Adam wasn’t even brought up while there was a showdown happening in the cage. Like? He’s your brother. Get him the fuck outta there.

Rating for ‘The Devil in the Details’ – 8 stars of 10

Alrighty, that’s all I have for you guys today. Did you watch these shows this week, and what did you think of them? Let me know in the comments down below so we can have some discussions and such. 🙂


  1. My favourite part of the Pretty Little Liars episode was the 30 seconds of Caleb and Hanna talking. They’re still. so. cute. What even is Jordan doing? 😖 I’m really interested in seeing how the whole Ezra plot goes down… And I’m hoping everything is alright with Emily

  2. I just started watching Pretty little liars and its soo good! But I kinda want to stop watching it because of all the episodes I have to watch to catch up to season 6 (I’m currently on season 1 episode 14…yeah…) I really like Ezra and Aria together…I think they are perfect for each other. Do you? And OMG Toby Cavanaugh?! I feel so sorry for him…and when he started crying my heart broke!
    -Hafsa 🙂

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