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Hey everybody! I’ve been working on my blog since yesterday, trying to make it look more like something original. The theme remains the same, but I’ve added some graphics here and there that I spent forever working on! I also added a page for discussion posts, book memes, hauls, wrap-ups etc. I removed my ‘Contact Me’ page, but all my contact information can be found on the sidebar of my blog.

There’s a new feature on my sidebar. My favorite series and my ‘teams’ are now right there on my blog! If you guys are interested in these graphics, comment down below and I might make a new page with all the graphics, and I’ll probably be open to requests too so all of you can add YOUR favorite series and teams to your blogs too.

Anyways, thanks for reading. I have a couple of reviews lined up for you guys, so keep a look out for those. Have a great Thursday, and happy reading. <3

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  • it looks so pretty! I’m loving it

  • It came out really good! 🙂

  • Looks great!

  • This makeover is really pretty and original. Love it <3

  • I really like the new look! I can tell you took a lot time working on it, the banners are uber cute. ^.^

  • I love the watercolor look!

  • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new stuff! It looks so great, and definitely original! The favorite series, and the Teams ideas are so cool! #TeamChaol I love you and stay beautiful!

    • Thanks so much! You’re Team Chaol TOO? Hellz to the freakin’ YEAH *virtual high five*

      • *virtual bear hug* HECK YES!!!! I haven’t read Heir of Fire yet, but in Crown of Midight when Caleana said she might leave him, I died. Literally. I’m a ghost now.

        • Zomg. I haven’t read HoF yet and a lot of people say I’ll feel differently once I’ve read that, so I’m kind of putting it off xD

          • I know! But Amy said it was amazing, and Amy is, well, Amy (even if I’m mad at her right now) and I trust her…… for the most part. 😀 We should read it together! Lol, book club!

          • Totally! Some time in July sound good? :3 It’s on my Summer TBR either way haha x

          • Well, I wish you guys luck! Although quite honestly you won’t need it. HoF is THE BEST BOOK EVER AND GAAAAAAAAAAA YOU NEED TO READ IT NOWWWW!!!!

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