Review | Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

ugly loveTitle: Ugly Love

Author: Colleen Hoover

Genre: New Adult | Romance

Synopsis: When Tate Collins meets airline pilot Miles Archer, she doesn’t think it’s love at first sight. They wouldn’t even go so far as to consider themselves friends. The only thing Tate and Miles have in common is an undeniable mutual attraction. Once their desires are out in the open, they realize they have the perfect set-up. He doesn’t want love, she doesn’t have time for love, so that just leaves the sex. Their arrangement could be surprisingly seamless, as long as Tate can stick to the only two rules Miles has for her. Never ask about the past. Don’t expect a future. They think they can handle it, but realize almost immediately they can’t handle it at all. Hearts get infiltrated. Promises get broken. Rules get shattered. Love gets ugly.

Would I recommend? If you’re into angsty, complicated romance.

Final Rating

blue 3

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Aimal's Review blue

I’m very conflicted about this novel. On one hand, it was somewhat addictive and I flew through it whenever I picked it up. On the other hand, I wasn’t feeling the characters and was pretty disturbed by the relationship, as a whole. Everyone and their mother seems to absolutely adore this book, and I think the huge hype brought it down for me a little. Perhaps if I had gone into this with lower expectations, I might have enjoyed it more than I actually did. Either way, I do see the appeal of this book to the many readers who love it, but unfortunately, I just wasn’t ‘blown away.’

plot blue

When Tate moves into her brother’s apartment, she finds herself clearly attracted to his brooding, indifferent friend and neighbor, Miles. When Tate realizes that Miles also has this inevitable physical attraction to her, they form a deal: their relationship will be limited strictly to sex. There are two rules that Miles sets up for Tate: don’t ask about the past, never expect a future. But when Tate starts wanting more in the relationship, things get ugly.

I knew before picking this up that this would contain a toxic relationship. I mean, look at the synopsis, and it pretty much screams that at you. I feel that there’s a way of going about such relationships that can effectively develop the characters involved, but I didn’t feel that way about this one. Colleen Hoover alternates perspectives with every chapter- Tate speaks in the present day, Miles speaks six years earlier. While this was necessary for the reader to be even slightly interested in Miles’s character, I felt like Colleen Hoover was offering up loose excuses for Miles’s behavior in the present.

Moreover, the past-POV contained a very different sort of relationship between Miles and another girl named Rachel. Their relationship was perfect, in every way, and this perfection made everything seem so unrealistic. Contrasted with this perfection was the complete twistedness of his relationship with Tate. Pair those together, and I just wasn’t buying it.

The sex scenes were hot, I’ll give you that. But they would show up completely unnecessarily in the middle of a chapter, breaking the flow completely, and I found myself skipping them for the most part.

I do think that this book is addictive. The mystery is, very obviously, there and it keeps you turning the pages, wanting to know what happens next or what happened previously. I was also impressed with how I had no idea how the book was going to end. It wasn’t a cliché ending- you see it coming, but you also don’t, if that makes any sense.

characters blue

I think my main problem with this book lay in the characters. I wasn’t invested in their story, and this need for a character to be okay is very important in books like these when everything is uncertain. I just didn’t seem to care, for a number of reasons.

Tate was a pushover. Even though she knew what she was getting into, she was treated worse than she initially thought she would, and she stuck around for it. I guess this plays a part in the toxicity of Miles and Tate’s relationship, but it still bothered me. At a point, I had stopped buying the ‘inevitable attraction’ point of their relationship; instead, I had started thinking of Tate as a weak-willed, naive, immature girl. Please, observe this quote: “I’m lying. I really do want to be a part of his issues. I want to immerse myself in his issues and become his issues, but I’m supposed to be this independent, headstrong girl who doesn’t cave just because she likes a guy.

Tate – and Colleen Hoover – just because you acknowledge that she’s not an independent woman doesn’t mean that the decisions she makes are excusable. They’re not. They’re terrible decisions, and no young woman who loves herself even a little bit would make these decisions.

Miles was interesting, I’ll give you that. I didn’t like him, but he was interesting. Even so, his POV chapters were annoying as hell. He came across as a stalkerish-creepy-obsessive ass boyfriend who didn’t know when to back off. And then with his relationship with Tate, he came across as a selfish-possessive-chauvanistic douche. CoHo did her best to redeem Miles through his past POV, but it just didn’t do anything for me.

Also, the secondary characters – all of them – were little more than cardboard.

writing style blue

I’m sincerely sorry to say this, but I don’t understand the appeal. There was nothing distinctive or inspiring about Colleen Hoover’s writing. She isn’t a bad writer, by any means, but she’s not as great as everybody seems to think she is. What really rubbed me the wrong way was how she wrote Miles’s perspective- the sentences were short and repetitive, they were unnecessarily dramatic, and what the heck was up with that layout?! I get that CoHo was trying to build a strong voice – and it worked – but even strong voices can be annoying.

I liked this book enough for me to give CoHo another try- perhaps something without a toxic relationship might convince me. So Maybe, Someday might be next on my agenda.


  1. I love your review style! It’s I like that it’s super detailed and organized!
    I’ve heard mixed reviews about Hoover’s books but for this one in particular everybody seems to say that the male character is a little creepy… Won’t be expecting too much from him when I read it but I hope I like it.

    • Thank you so much! That means a lot! 🙂

      Yes, he had a stalkerish vibe to it. If only I had heard someone say it before going into this, I might have liked it more. Hope you enjoy it, though! I just feel like my expectations were sky high! 🙂 x


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