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spotlight saturday

Spotlight Saturday is a weekly feature, created by Josie at Josie’s Book Corner, dedicated to spotlighting and pinpointing some of the things over the week that have caught our attention more than usual, things we’ve particularly loved, etc. 

spotlighted blogger

This week, I’m going to be spotlighting a blogger I discovered fairly recently. Her name is Jordyn and you can find her over at J. Bookish! Jordyn’s blog is very organized, neat and clean. Her posts are always quality- I don’t think she ever half-asses anything, which is freaking admirable. She reads a wide variety of genres, including young adult, so if you’re looking for someone whose reading spans over different genres, she would be a great blogger to look out for! Definitely check her blog out. <3

spotlighted blog post

I’m steadily getting into all the Octobery/Halloween feels, and during this time of the year, Halloween TBRs are what I live for. Even though books don’t usually scare me, I’m still always on the lookout for something creepy. One of the first Halloween TBRs I came across was Ashley’s, and I must say that I found myself drawn to a lot of the books that she included in her post. If you’re looking for something new to read during the Halloween, maybe you should check her post out, since it’s full of creepy books. As well as Halloween movies! 😀

spotlighted bookgwt

This book got me out of the dreadful reading slump I was in! I don’t think I need to say anything else as an explanation. It was the first four-star books I’ve read since JULY! You can check out my full review here!

spotlighted moment

This week wasn’t terribly exciting, but there were some minor things here and there that deserve some love/recognition. Firstly, I have to acknowledge that this week included my first day of the semester at my job! I work as a tutor at a public elementary school and online at – my university renews my job every semester! It’s lovely working with such little kids, teaching them numbers and all that stuff. I’m looking forward to working with them for the rest of the year!

Also, two days ago, I was on the bus coming back from my classes back to my dorm room. And I was on Twitter, just checking my feed. And Patrick Ness apparently had a very interesting announcement to make: HE’S WRITING A DOCTOR WHO SPINOFF FOR TELEVISION?!?!?!?! I was on the BUS, and I screamed. I fuck you not. I SCREAMED. Because Patrick Ness is my favorite author, and Doctor Who is my favorite show and never had I imagined that the two would collide so LITERALLY, but OH MY GOD, I’M SO FREAKING EXCITED, YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND.

And lastly, as an avid admirer of rain, I have to share with the world how perfect my dorm room looks when it’s raining. Also, I’ll include a random shot that I took while standing on the sidewalk which incidentally came out rather nicely.


Going to university in New York City is wonderful, and I’m sure there are many things to appreciate. But I would be lying if I said that my favorite thing in the world is anything other than a rainy evening in Manhattan. There is literally nothing better than that.

spotlighted app

Hi. So this is FeaturePoints, which is an app that lets you download free apps, check them out for a couple of minutes, and then it rewards you points that you can later trade for gift cards to Amazon, Starbucks, Best Buy etc. This is legit (and totally safe), I swear, even though it sounds too good to be true. I’m a poor college student, so how do I buy all those gorgeous hardcovers? Yeah. Gift cards. From this. It’s saved me at least $50.

If you’re interested in giving it a go, you can download it here. You can enter my referral code, which is DC9APW, and you get your first 50 points for basically nothing. Or you can download from my referral link, and you’ll get your points either way.

You’re welcome.

spotlighted song

Because of Spotify’s infinite awesomness, I came across a bunch of fantastic songs this week. I’m not going to flood this post with song recommendations, but I really tried to narrow it down to just one, and I could NOT – for the life of me – do it. So here are two absolutely phenomenal songs.


This first song is titled Tonight and it’s by Coasts. It’s very upbeat, perfect for a feel-good afternoon when nothing can get you down. It just makes me want to dance, and we all need that feeling in our lives. You can listen to it on YouTube.


This is Runnin’ by Naughty Boy featuring Beyoncé and Arrow Benjamin. I know Naughty Boy gets a lot of flack for being a terrible person and what not (even though I’m neutral about him), nobody can deny that he’s a brilliant producer. His compositions are so moving. And this song is WOW. The vocals are flawless; Beyoncé is queen, of course, but this Arrow Benjamin guy held his own singing with her. The melody is fantastic, and the music video is trippy as shit, but it’s very moving. It’s an underrated song, so you should give it a go. It’s easily one of the best songs I’ve heard this entire year! Listen to it on YouTube.

spotlighted quote

May you be protected from hearts that are not humble, tongues that are not wise, and eyes that have forgotten how to cry.” – Imam Khalid Latif when he was given the Alumni Distinguished Service Award at NYU 2014.

Imam Khalid Latif is one of the spiritual life chaplains here at my university, as well as the chaplain for the New York Police Department. He’s a humble, humble man. He’s always accepting of students, no matter what their beliefs are. He is constantly holding inter-faith sessions between Muslims and Christians, Muslims and Jews etc. He was recently among Pope Francis’s inter-faith panel in NYC. In a world where Islam and Muslims are constantly under pressure to prove themselves human, or non-violent, under pressure to prove that they do not hate, that they have the capacity to accept and love, when people like Khalid Latif stand up on a global platform and show the world what it means to be a true Muslim, it just makes me very happy.


  1. Ya know, I really love these posts. They are definitely a unique take on weekly recap posts.

    This posts (as well as the review your published prior to this one) remind me that I need to read the Grey Wolf Throne soon. I’m really impressed with the Seven Realms series, especially since I don’t often read past book one. I’m going to have to bookmark your review though, and return to it once I’ve finished the book myself.

    Your photo of your bedspace with the cityscape in the background looks awesome. New York seems really intimidating to me, but in that photograph (perhaps because it’s rainy) it seems almost peaceful.

    Also, Two Thumbs Up for Jordyn and J.Bookish! I’ve only followed her blog for a couple of weeks now, but she creates great content!

  2. Thank you so much for including my post! 🙂 It was so fun choosing Halloween books to read!
    I also seen the Patrick Ness/Doctor Who announcement on Twitter and I am BEYOND excited to see how this plays out! AHH! 🙂
    Love the quote so much! <3

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