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Hello wonderful people! Today, I’m coming to you with another tag post. I was tagged by the super awesome Josephine a couple of weeks ago, and I’m so excited to do this. What is this tag, you ask? Well, you basically tell us what makes you more happy than not! I believe this tag was inspired by Adam Silvera’s new book titled “More Happy than Not.” So without further ado, let’s jump into it!

I am more happy than not when I’m curled up in bed with a cup of coffee and a nice, fantasy book.


I am more happy than not when I’m driving in the rain.


I am more happy than not when I get a notification telling me someone has commented on my posts. It’s so wonderful interacting with all of you wonderful people.

high five

I am more happy than not when a new season of a TV show I watch is released.

new episode

I am more happy than not when my dad gets me my favorite ice-cream.

ice cream

I am more happy than not when I’m hanging out with the people who are the closest to me.


I am more happy than not when I find someone who is just as passionate as me about fandoms. I mean, seriously, I get beyond excited.


I am more happy than not when I ship a book couple so much that I feel every single feel out there.


And finally, because I’m a total dork, I will be more happy than not when I FINALLY GET TO MEET LEONARDO DICAPRIO OH MY GOD



Alrighty guys, that’s it for this tag. I had a lot of fun doing this, so thanks again to Josephine for tagging me! 🙂

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  • Thank you so much for tagging me! I really look forward to doing it. I agree with several of your comments, too. Driving in the rain is lovely–especially the way the water on the windshield tosses about light from other drivers and the stoplights.

    • You’re very welcome. <3 Okay, yay, because whenever I tell someone I love something to do with the rain, they just look at me like I have issues. xD

      • Rain is one of the best things. I miss it so much (I used to live in Germany and now live in a desert). Rain smells amazing, it looks beautiful, it’s refreshing and it gives life to all things on Earth.

  • I am more happy than not at most of these things. Thanks for tagging me. And I love it when it rains and I am in car. I never thought it would be that relatable, <3

  • LEONARDO DI CAPRIO. Yes. I remember watching Romeo and Juiliette at school, with Leonardo as Romeo. My goodness. Love.

  • Oh my Galligaskins! Your post is so amazing and makes me feel all happy and fuzzy and warm inside! Thank you soo much for tagging us! (Bekah is sooo excited for her first tag!:) But I have no idea how we’re going to come up with more answers; I love all of your answers! (And I already said that…) Thanks again! Stay bibliotastic! <3

    • Thank you so, so much! I’m sure you’ll come up with something! 😀 I look forward to your post! x

      • Can’t you just hear Amy saying, “If Nikki ever gets around to it!” Or is it just me… Must be an echo in here for something… 😀

  • P.S. I love all your gifs; they make the post so fun!!! (I might “borrow” them.) *smacks forehead* Silly Nikki! It says in your Thievery 101 textbook to never tell a victim when you’re stealing from them! Sigh.

    • LOLOLOL, no, you can totally take them. I got them off Giphy anyways, so they’re not mine xD haha!

      • Lol! Thank you sooo much! Keep blogging forever because you rock at it!

        • You’re like the greatest person ever. No joke. <3

          • Nah, pretty sure I’m second. Wonder who first is? *tries to whistle innocently and fails because one, I cannot whistle to save my life and two, I am not innocent, while simultaneously sneakily pointing at you* Sneaky, huh? 🙂

          • <3 <3 <3

          • 😀 😀 😀 😀

  • Thanks for tagging me! Haha, the GIFs were hilarious (oh my days, I love the How I Met Your Mother one!). Can’t wait to do this myself now!

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  • Aww, I love the gifs you used it this! And I couldn’t help but agree with a lot of your answers. Especially the one about dads getting the right ice creams. My dad has this weird idea that I love “exotic” flavors when I really am content with just plain strawberry. XD
    And same! Comments and feedback from fellow bloggers/readers will always be awesome no matter how experienced a blogger is (not that I’m say I am because I’m not, haha), I think.
    Thanks for the tag, Aimal! I’ve actually already done it, but it was really fun reading your response to this amazing, positive tag. 🙂

    • Awh, well, I’d love to see your answers. Link me? 🙂 x

      • Oh! I just saw your comment on my about page. I left you a link in my reply. ^.^

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