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Hi everyone! I’ve been wanting to do this tag ever since I first saw it on YouTube. I love Disney and I love books, so why the heck not? I wasn’t officially tagged by anybody, but this tag is too wonderful to pass up for petty reasons. xD

1. The Little Mermaid: a character who is out of their element, a “fish out of water”

the exiled queen

For this one, I chose Han Alister from the Seven Realms series by Cinda Williams Chima. I don’t want to say too much except that Han is pretty much always out of his element. The series starts off with Han getting out of his criminal, thief-lord past, trying to do better morally and legally. Stuff happens, and by the second book, Han finds himself in places he never thought he would be.

2. Cinderella: a character that goes through a major transformation

blood of olympus

I could pick a few for this one, but I ended up going for a character that really impressed me. I never much cared for Nico di Angelo from Rick Riordan’s books, but he caught my eye during the second half of the Heroes of Olympus series. He goes through so much character development- from a sullen, lost, bitter young man to a caring, more open, more content person.

3. Snow White: a book with an eclectic cast of characters

game of thrones

I had to go with this series. I’ve never read another series with such a huge cast of important, interesting characters that are completely vital to the main plot. I love huge casts, and I also love multiple perspectives, and the best thing about this series is that not only does it have both of those things, but it also does them beautifully. As for the “eclectic” part, I enjoy how we see characters from very different parts of George RR Martin’s world.

 4. Sleeping Beauty: a book that put you to sleep


Now I wouldn’t say that this book put me to sleep per se, but I found it very dull and uninteresting. I couldn’t even bring myself to finish it because I was not invested in the story and the characters at all.

5. The Lion King: a character who had something traumatic happen to them during their childhood

reality boy

Again, I could have chosen so many others for this one, but I went with my latest read. Gerald has gone through a difficult childhood which has carried out into his late teens. He was on a reality TV show when he was younger, and his ‘unfortunate habits’ were broadcasted to the entirety of America. Even when he is sixteen, he is known as the Crapper, resulting in a disturbed state of mind for our protagonist.

6. Beauty and the Beast – A beast of a book that you were intimidated by, but found the story to be beautiful


Now I wouldn’t say that this was a “beast of a book,” but it was a difficult classic that I had to read during tenth grade. I was worried going into it because I wasn’t ever too big on classics, and this was one that I had no interest in. Unlike the other classics I had read, this did not focus on romance, or parties, or feminine issues- instead, it focused a lot on friendship, betrayal, unrequited love, marriage, farming. But I found myself completely drawn into the story. The characters were wonderfully constructed, the writing flowed like butter and the story was full of twists and turns that I wasn’t expecting. This book made Thomas Hardy my favorite classic author.

7. Aladdin: a character who gets their wish granted for better or worse


For this, I’ll have to go with Victor and Eli from Vicious. Both of them wanted to be superhumans, and both of them get their wish but at a huge cost.

8. Mulan: a character who pretends to be someone they are not

maybe someday

The characters in this book pretend to be nice people, but really, they’re all terrible human beings. xD

9. Toy Story: a book with characters you wish would come to life


Mainly so I could have a chance with Chaol Westfall. Also, because I’m trying to avoid Harry Potter, since otherwise, there would no comparison.

10. Disney Descendants: your favorite villain or morally ambiguous character


The Darkling. Always the Darkling.

I tag: anyone and everyone who wants to do this. This tag is so much fun, so please do it if you haven’t done it already. Feel free to mention that I tagged you, because I do. I officially tag you!


  1. I’m rereading Crown Of Midnight and I’ve come to the conclusion that there will never be enough Chaol Westfall in the world for me to be satisfied. I really enjoyed reading this tag 🙂

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