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pixarHey everyone! So today, I thought I’d take a break from all the reviews I’ve been posting recently and do a tag instead. I haven’t done a book tag in what seems like forever, and this one seemed like the perfect one to get back in the game with. I freaking love Pixar. I love their movies. Monsters Inc. is still my favorite animated movies of all time, second only to The Lion King. Then there’s the Incredibles, Ratatouille, Toy Story, Cars, Up! Ugh, Pixar I love you so.

So thank you so much to Nick from The Paper Dragon for tagging me in this. I can’t wait to jump into it. I’m so, so excited. Go check out his blog everyone. He’s awesome. 🙂

Toy Story: a book where you wanted the characters to come to life

six of crows

I thought hard about this one, and I’m very satisfied with my answer. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book other than Six of Crows with such an interesting ensemble of characters. They’re all so wonderful and complex, infinitely bad-ass in their violent, selfish ways but still carry a seed of redemption in them. I would probably be terrified if I met someone like Kaz or Matthias in real life, but I’m completely struck by them. If I could choose to meet a cast of characters, I would choose the six characters in this. Even over the cast of Harry Potter.

A Bug’s Life: a character who goes through a transformation


For this one, I decided to go with Han Alister from the Demon King series by Cinda Williams Chima. Han starts off as a rough, tough street urchin with a criminal past and a bad reputation with the law. He does not care about anybody but himself and his family, and he will do anything for them. He will hold a blade to an innocent girl’s throat to save his ass. He’s deadly, brave but hot-headed and unkempt. Flash forward to the last book in the series, Han is a different person. Deadlier, more lethal in his newfound calm. He interacts with nobles as if he were one of them and he has the ability to kill them with a flick of his hand. But apart from gaining violent abilities, Han’s emotional state has developed. He is willing to do anything to save his people. He’s more open, he cares more and he’s even a little bit sappy. Kudos to Chima for creating such a developed character.

Monsters Inc. A strong/scary character develops a soft side for someone.


I could think of a ton of characters for this one since it’s such a popular trope, but I decided to go with the guy from one of my favorite couples in Young Adult, and that is Wolf from the Lunar Chronicles. Wolf is a monster in the literal sense. Genetically modified to be a lethal weapon against the good guys. That is until he falls head over heels in love with Scarlet who squashes the monstrosities out of him. He’s still strong and fierce and completely dangerous, but when he looks at Scarlet, he’s a ball of goo. What a cutie.

Finding Nemo. “P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.” A book that has an address or quote that’s burned into your memory forever.

harry potter

“Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number four Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much.” The quote that started off my reading adventures. How can I ever forget it?

The Incredibles. Coolest book family.

game of thrones

So like, if I were being totally honest without caring about the quality of this post, I would choose Harry Potter. You don’t talk about literary families without talking about the Weasleys. But I didn’t want to be repetitive, so I decided to go with something else.


THE LANNISTERS. Yo, how cool is this family? There’s Tywin Lannister who is bad-ass but a killer of little babies. His son, Jaime Lannister killed his own king when he was supposed to be protecting him, lulz. He also has the ‘killer of babies’ trait in him, badumtss. Although he hasn’t succeeded yet. Oh and Jaime also happens to be screwing his sister, Cersei who gave birth to her brother’s sons. She hates her other brother, Tyrion who is a dwarf and does some crazy shit in Book 3 which I will not reveal. I mean, as fucked up as the Lannisters are, you’ve got to admit they’re pretty darn interesting. And bad-ass, in their own twisted ways…

Are you scared of me yet? Okay… moving on…

Cars 1,2,3. A book that keeps getting sequels you feel are not needed.


Oh boy. Please don’t hate me. But Percy Jackson was a great series, and it should’ve ended there. I could deal with the Heroes of Olympus, but I can’t deal with Magnus Chase now. And apparently Riordan is writing yet another thing with Percy in it? Like, please, stop. Percy is legendary – his character has pretty much lost meaning for me now because Riordan keeps making money off him. I’m sorry, PLEASE DON’T HATE ME.

Ratatouille. A book featuring a non-human/humanoid.


I read this so long ago, back when I was in third or fourth grade. But I do distinctly remembering fangirling over it after turning the last page. Bilbo Baggins looks like a short, hairy human but he is not technically human, is he? Hobbits aren’t human? Men are human? I don’t know. I’m surprised at how few books I’ve read where the main character isn’t a human. Need to work on that.

Wall-E. A book that made you lonely.


Nobody I know has read this book, LOL, and it’s my favorite book of all-time. Whenever I want to freak out about it, I look around, shut up and go back to wishing more people had read this. I also felt incredibly lonely while reading this book because of a certain part when the main protagonist is alone in a cold-ass campus, and it’s just pages of him losing his mind of loneliness and social yearning. It kind of made me crazy too because Tartt is phenomenal that way.

Up. A book whose characters made you quickly become emotionally invested in.


Whenever I want inspiration for how to do perfect characterization, I look to this novel because geeeez does Nicholls know how to construct people. He has their manners, their behaviors, their clothing, humor, conversations, feelings down. These two felt like my best friends. I felt like I knew them, and that I lost them when I turned the last page.

Brave. Name a book with a strong mother/daughter relationship.


It’s upsetting how few options I had to pick from. Why aren’t there more mother-daughter relationships in YA? Either the mother is dead or she left or they don’t get along. I never realized this before but now that I have, I’m disturbed. Anyways, I love Blue’s relationship with her mother and her aunts. It’s so refreshing to see a close-knit, caring family which is exactly what this book contains.

Inside Out. Name a book that could be one of your core memories.


I read these books about the same time as I was reading Harry Potter, and they played a large part in my childhood too. Not as big as the former, but a part nonetheless. I had a pretty rough childhood and to deal with the issues that life threw at me, I used to read. It was a welcome escape even when I was barely seven or eight. I was always reading. Many of my memories involve me with a book in my hand. Almost always, the book was either from this series or from the Harry Potter series. So, this is what I choose.

This was so much fun, omg. Of course, I have still not grown out of the habit of choosing the same books over and over again for tags, but whatever. Now, it’s time to tag other people. If you’ve already done this or have no interest in doing it, feel free to ignore my tag. 😀 I’ll tag Clemence, Nicolette, Alyssa, Amanda, Cat, Trisha Ann, and Lois.

I know I’ve been AWOL in the blogging game for the past few weeks, so I’m so sorry if you’ve already done this tag and I tagged you. You can totally ignore me. 😀


  1. OMG I LOVE PIXAR MOVIES! I feel like wanting to do this ahead of every other book tags I have!

    I was totally surprised about your choice on GOT but that’s nice. It’s a unique choice. The only person I hate about that family is Joffrey and I hate GRRM for killing him off in swift death…. and well, sometimes Cersei too. Haha!

    And I have to agree with you on The Lightning Thief! It’s like The Mortal Instruments that keeps on getting longer and longer which is so unnecessary. Ugh authors sure do know how to make money out of her readers. LOL.

    • DO IT! It was so much fun. 😀
      I hate most of the Lannisters too, but that’s what makes their family so interesting and complex. GRRM does characters like nobody’s business. I mean, I HATED Tywin and Joffrey with a passion. And I dislike Cersei so much but I totally GET her.
      Yesss. Such a big bookish pet peeve of mine. When authors keep prolonging their series when they get popular. Yeush.

  2. I absolutely LOVE this tag. You simply cannot go wrong with a Pixar film. I definitely agree with you on the Percy Jackson series. I think he should have stopped after Heroes of Olympus. By now you can just predict what’ll happen in the books.
    I also love the relationship between the women of 300 Fox Way. They have such a wonderful dynamic and they all have their quirks and differences but they all work so well together. The Raven King will destroy me.

  3. Of the books on this list I’ve read they matched their subject so well!! Han Alister goes through such a transformation!! And OMG the HP quote is forever burned in my mind as well!


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