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Today’s topic is “Top Five Books of 2015,” but I’ve already compiled a Top Books of 2015 for a Top Ten Tuesday post, so it didn’t make sense for me to do it again. So, I thought I’d share with you some of the biggest disappointments of 2015. This will be a controversial post, because all of these books have huge fan-bases and passionate readers. I’m not trying to offend anyone, I promise. These are just my opinions, and will remain what they are – opinions. Having said that, I would never discourage people from reading the books listed below because what did not work for me may work for you.

I have full reviews up for all these books, and I’ll link them so you can check them out and learn more about my disappointments…

5. P.S. I Still Love You (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before #1) by Jenny Han


Didn’t live up to the first book at all. The love triangle thrown in there was totally unnecessary and took away so much from the original story. I also couldn’t stand the protagonist in this one. You can read my full review over here.

4. The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton


This read a lot like a bunch of tiny biographies mashed together rather than a cohesive tale. I was expecting a lot more than I got. You can learn more about my thoughts here.

3. Red Queen (Red Queen #1) by Victoria Aveyard


This was a book that was so hyped that I couldn’t not go into this excited as all hell. But I thought this reminded me too much of too many different YA novels. I tried to look past it, but I couldn’t. And I saw that twist coming from like 2000 miles away. Full review here.

2. Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

maybe someday

Awful. Terrible people as main characters, and the worst part is, Hoover tries to make them seem like good people in complicated situations. No, you’re all just shit people. I don’t like reading about self-righteous little shits. No thanks. Full review here.

1. Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass #4) by Sarah J. Maas

queen of shadows

Maas butchered this series. She butchered the characters, and she tried to cover it up but I did not buy it. All for the sake of a ship. Ugh. Here’s my spoiler-free, unhelpful review, and this is my spoiler discussion.

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  • Wow, 2 of those books I’ve just recently bought. Well I’ll go into them with an open mind 🙂

    • Yes, of course. I would never discourage anyone from reading these books. I do hope you like them more than I did, though! x

  • I always think it’s just sad because we have to apologize and explain that even if we don’t like some book that doesn’t mean that it’s bad and other people should not read it. I mean… I’m doing that too but I always ask myself why? We all have a right to have an opinion and, of course, we can’t all love same things! 🙂
    I, for example, loved P.S. I love you. It was so sweet and great – which actually surprised me because usually I don’t like that kind of books.

    • I think it’s because we genuinely appreciate books and don’t want to offend the people who worked on them and people who loved them so much. I agree though. We shouldn’t have to apologize for holding an honest opinion, haha. xD

      I really enjoyed To All the Boys I Loved Before, and I don’t usually enjoy vanilla contemporaries. I think I went into the second one with certain expectations about what was going to happen. For example, I didn’t know there was going to be a love triangle, so it took me by surprise, which might be why I didn’t love it as much as I loved the first one! x

  • I didn’t care for Maybe Someday either! That book gets so many raving reviews, but I honestly found the characters to be annoying and very problematic. It’s so refreshing to see someone else agrees.

  • I didn’t like Maybe Someday too! You’re not alone on that one. And Red Queen was definitely overhyped. Great post!

  • Red Queen is meh for me too! But QOS for me is very great tho yes some of the characters •_• Great post!

  • Red Queen is the only one on the list that I’ve read, but it was definitely over-hyped. I thought the writing was solid, but I just could not work up any enthusiasm for it. My Top 5

  • P.S I Still Love You and The Heir were the 2 most frustrating books of 2016 for me!!

    • Oh, I’ve heard terrible things about the Heir. I haven’t read the Selection series yet, though. I don’t think I will considering how much people hated the Heir…

      • If you wanted you could read the original 3, the 4th is just an add on to am already finished story. It’s just so annoying because of the main character.

  • Completely agree about PS I Still Love You. But, even though I saw the twist coming for Red Queen, I still enjoyed it- but I can see where you’re coming from. Queen of Shadows I liked- but I’m interested to see what you say…

  • You’re the only one I’ve seen who didn’t liked Ava Lavender, haha! I still haven’t read it but I’m planning to. Looking forward to see if it’s a hit or miss for me.

    • HAHA, I haven’t seen a single bad review for that book. I guess there’s something wrong with me. 😛 I hope you like it, though! x

  • I am scared to read Queen of Shadows…because I did not like Heir of Fire. I’m also hearing from a lot of people that this book was their least favorite of the series. I got it for Christmas, though…so I’ll read it!

    • Queen of Shadows is the best out of all. My favourite book of 2015

    • I didn’t like Heir of Fire either! QoS is a lot more fast-paced, but I was really disappointed with the direction Maas took the series in, since it felt inconsistent with the first two books. I don’t much care for Rowan either. I do hope you like it more than I did though!

  • I also think that Red Queen was way over hyped but somehow I still ended up enjoying it. Here is my Top 5 of 2015

  • Nice way to change it up! I have read none of those books yet but hopefully if I do I’ll have a better time of it, specially for Queen of Shadows.

    • Don’t worry about not liking Queen of Shadows, haha. I’m definitely the minority in this one. Everyone I know thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. 😀 x

      • I want to like haha I’m worried that I won’t because I’ve heard so many things! It’s like half and half, some love it others hate it

  • I get what you mean about Red Queen. I read it as soon as it came out and after hearing everyone singing their praises for this book, I was so disappointed of how mediocre I found it. I haven’t the rest of the books, but here are my top 5 books of the year:

  • I liked Red Queen but it was overhyped. I loved QOS but a lot of people felt the same way as you. I personally thought the character development was good but a bit sudden so it needs rounding out in the next book a bit.

    • Yeah, I’m definitely in the minority with Queen of Shadows. I think I just preferred the feel of the first two books over the third and fourth. I don’t much care for Rowan or Aedion, or Aelin anymore either. 🙁 Which is a shame, because I really thought the first two books were out of this world!

      • Interesting, I actually really like them 😀

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