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Today’s topic is “Tropes I Hate.” These are in no particular order.

5. I’m-a-plain-potato-and-he’s-a-god-why-does-he-love-me

The thing about this trope is that if it’s done well, it’s very sweet. Some of my favorite TV shows utilize this trope, but in YA literature, it’s becoming overdone and the meaning behind it has long since been taken out of context. There was a time when I was okay with reading about a character being insecure about how she looks, realizing her potential and loving herself by the end. But now, I’m really over that. Some of my favorite female characters now know that they are beautiful inside and out, and even if they believe they aren’t supermodels, they’re still confident in their own skin. Insecurities need to be addressed in books- it’s important. But bashing yourself for having pale skin or being tall and lanky, or for having brown hair and brown eyes- yeah, not into that.

4. I’m-nobody-but-OH-WAIT-I’m-actually-the-chosen-one

This is funny, because my favorite book series of all time’s main character is literally the Chosen One aka Harry Potter. Again, I used to love this trope, but it’s becoming overdone. It seems that every single book I read which revolves around a meaningful, bad-ass protagonist- he/she ends up being destined to change the world or overthrow the existing order. It makes me feel like an ordinary person can’t do anything unless they have a thousand-year-old prophecy to back them up.

3. Hey-I-just-met-you-and-this-is-crazy-but-here’s-my-heart-have-my-babies

Insta-love. So much nope. There are very, very few books in which I am okay with an instant romance. Usually, my preference when it comes to romances is a slow-burning, developing romance. Of course, you don’t usually find these types of romances in stand alone books, because it’s tough to develop characters, plots and a romance in a single book. There are very few stand alone books’ romances that I love; most of my OTPs are from series. One of my main problems with Twilight was Bella’s sudden infatuation to a guy she hadn’t even spoken to. And Twilight was one of the first books I read when getting into the reading scene, so after that, I was completely turned off from insta-love.

2. Better-than-thou-because-you-like-heels-and-I-like-sneakers

This is a trope that I very recently started noticing in YA literature. Many heroines think themselves superior to other girls just because they don’t like ‘traditionally’ girly things like fashion, the color pink, magazines, shopping etc. This bothers me on so many different levels. Have you ever noticed that the bitch in high school is always drop-dead gorgeous, and is always the girly-girl of girly-girls? As if the two are interchangeable? I think this is a problem that needs to be addressed; just because a girl likes dresses doesn’t mean she is a bad person.

Now let’s look at this trope in fantasy books. Our main heroines in fantasy are almost always associated with the “Katniss” prototype: they are fighters, they are bad-ass, they are protectors- basically, they are everything a ‘traditional’ male hero is associated with. God forbid a girl in a fantasy novel likes to look pretty, who likes nice hair and has emotions, who likes dancing and wearing dresses. Part of the reason I love books like The Winner’s Curse and the Wrath & the Dawn so much is that the main characters are girly-girls through and through, but they’re still bad-ass in their own way. We need to see more of this in literature.

1. I-love-you-but-I-love-him-too-help-me-choose

I loathe love triangles with a burning passion. I hate them. I hate the person who is trying to choose between two people, juggling their hearts, crushing them and playing with their feelings as if they are subhuman. I hate the two people running after the same person, because they have zero self-respect, because they don’t love themselves enough to move on from a person who doesn’t really give a shit about them. I hate this trend that it’s okay to make your love-life a competition among two perfectly decent people. If you loved a person, you wouldn’t fall in love with the another one. I don’t understand why that’s a concept so difficult to understand? Just. Stop.

Honorary (dishonorary?) mention to: I-have-a-partner-but-I-feel-a-connection-with-you OR I-don’t-want-to-cheat-but-we-have-a-spark-I-can’t-ignore


    • Yep. Cheating is often glorified in romance novels, and I hate it. Some really popular books have gotten one or two star ratings from me because my conscience refuses to let me enjoy these books. Haha! x

  1. Five and three are two of my loathed tropes. I hate the girl who has such low self-esteem in regards to her looks and think she will never get the hot guy..Uggh at times it can be cute but when you read so much of this trope it gets annoying.

    And yes to insta-love. Exactly how I am suppose to buy your romance if you declare your love for one another just after only knowing each other at such a short period of time. I mean does this even happen in real life?!

    Great picks. 🙂

    • Right? I used to love that trope because it almost seemed to be saying that it doesn’t matter how you look on the outside. But it’s become so overdone- if a girl is constantly obsessing over how she looks, she comes across as shallow now, which is completely besides the point of the original trope!

      Thanks for stopping by! x

  2. LOVED this list! Especially #5. I love unexpected pairings, but not at the cost of each of the people having self-esteem and a sense of their own worth without that other person.

  3. Great picks! I’m so with you on the girl doesn’t know she’s pretty thing. I’m so sick of it that at this point I’d rather have a girl who totally knows she’s pretty and owns it. I’ve seen Celaena from Throne of Glass get a lot of hate because she’s very aware of her looks. But I prefer that than the usual insecure girls who have no idea they’re beautiful or constantly complain about their perceived flaws. Ugh!
    My T5W list is here:

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