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Hello everyone! It’s that time of the week again! Top Ten Tuesday is a book meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Basically, you get a different bookish topic every Tuesday, and you comprise a list of ten (or however many you’re able to list) relating to said topic.

Today’s topic is a freebie, and I thought I’d take the opportunity to talk about the latest season of Game of Thrones. It has ruined my life; I am still not over everything that happened. I thought the season started off very strong, but went downhill after episode 5, but then it obviously picked up again in episode 9. I can’t wait for what’s to come- at this moment, we are most definitely in unchartered territory. I am both scared and ridiculously excited for what’s to come.

Warning: This post is going to be full of gifs.

Spoilers, obviously, if you haven’t yet seen all of Season 6. Also, in order of awesomeness

 1. Jon’s alive (no surprise, but so awesome!)


I was one of those people comforting everyone else because if I was sure of anything on the show, it was that Jon Snow is not going to stay dead. I didn’t know this from having read the books, because Jon getting stabbed 2 billion times is where the last book ends, but there was no freaking way that a character as important as him will get killed off. The scene was very well-done, though. The lighting, and Kit’s acting- everything was so believable!

2. And now his watch has ended


Another reason why I was sure that he was going to come back was because of all the stuff going on around him being a bastard, Robb legitimizing him as his heir (in the books), and Stannis’s offer to him was that all of this was possible for Jon. And we, as an audience, want all this for him. He deserves it, but Jon’s too honorable (just like Ned) to simply leave the Watch. But he died. His watch ended when he died; when he came back, he was free to do whatever the fuck he wanted.

3. Daenerys sails to Westeros


FINALLY. You don’t understand, guys. I don’t even like her- I think she’s naive and incompetent and has nothing going for her but her dragons and her blood, but it was about fucking time that she set sail. 6 seasons, 5 1000+ page books. I was getting sick of her just chilling in the corner. Also, she did something right: she made Tyrion the Hand. <3


I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. TYRION DESERVES EVERYTHING GOOD AND NICE IN THE WORLD. Also, did someone notice how his gaze lingered on her face when they were talking about true love? Like, I SHIP IT. FYI, I really dislike the Daenerys and Jon ship… just no.

4. A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell


So I think some of the decisions the producers made were dubious when it came to Arya’s storyline. She was way too smart to be roaming the streets when she knew the Waif was coming for her. But alas, they did what they did- now, I’m just glad that bad-ass Arya is back and she’s taking some much needed revenge. AND FREY PIES. I CAN’T BELIEVE THE SHOW DID THE THING.


RED WEDDING 2.0 WAS SO SATISFYING. Although I had hoped Jaime Lannister would’ve been involved, but I’m still happy.

5. Tower of Joy


This is another one that didn’t surprise me. If you’ve even Googled anything about Jon, you know the theories, and you know how solid they are. And we finally got confirmation! George R. R. Martin has had this reveal in his mind all along, for twenty years, and seeing it confirmed had me squealing. Coupled with the music in that scene and the triumphant Stark theme at the end- UGH, so perfect.


6. Hold the door


Instructions to watch this scene: lie down, cry, cry a lot more.

7. Sansa and Jon’s reunion


I CRIED SO HARD, GUYS. You don’t understand. That moment of hesitation right before they flung themselves into each other’s arms- it was so perfect. If the Sansa x Jon reunion emotionally ruined me, I can’t IMAGINE what the Jon x Arya reunion will do to my soul. I will probably faint.



This entire episode was the best hour of television I have ever seen. For the most part, I was wondering if I had traveled back in time and was watching a version of Lord of the Rings with less monsters and what not. The cinematography, the choreography, the atmosphere. Oh, everything was so perfect. I was also certain that Davos or Tormund would end up dead, but they both lived. I can’t say that for poor Rickon, though. As much as I hated watching another Stark die, it was so perfectly done. HE SHOULD HAVE ZIG-ZAGGED.


9. Burn them all!


Okay, that opening sequence was the best I’ve seen in Game of Thrones. The score put together by Ramin Djawadi was perfection, and the way Cersei orchestrated the destruction was genius. Now that Cersei has spiraled into Mad Queen mode and did what the Mad King could not do (because Jaime killed him before it could happen), it sets up the stage perfectly for Jaime to swoop in and murder her. The valonqar prophecy states that will happen, and it’ll be the most satisfying thing in the world.

Also, how sad was Tommen’s death? He was hardly my favorite, but watching him jump out the window with absolutely no hesitation whatsoever reminded me that he was just a kid surrounded by the wrong people and a monster of a mother who wanted nothing but power. I’ll be interested to see Jaime blame Cersei for Tommen’s death, because it is… true.


10. The King in the North


IF THIS DIDN’T MAKE YOU CRY, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Jon Snow – the bastard, the one who thought he didn’t have a claim to his father’s room, his father’s name, to a home is declared KING by his father’s banner-men. LIKE ASOGHOAHSGASOGHPAOSG HOW AMAZING. Also, did anyone notice that this scene took place right after the reveal of his parentage? In one scene, we realize Lyanna Stark is Jon’s mother. In the next scene, Lyanna Mormont (Lyanna Stark’s namesake) declared him king. asgh0ahsg0asg *mind explodes with feels*

That’s it for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday! Let me know in the comments below what some of YOUR favorite moments of Season 6 were! Do you agree with mine? As always, happy reading!


  1. If you like to see the top moments of Season 6, I recommend watching this quite video:

    In combination with the music… it makes me shiver with excitement

  2. Love this post! This season was definitely a good one for me, and I loved so many moments, particularly everything to do with Sansa and Jon and King in the North – I am so glad the Starks are back in Winterfell! Also Arya finally taking revenge for the Red Wedding made me so happy and I now can’t wait for her to also be reunited with Jon and Sansa, hopefully soon!

  3. I’ve literally just finished catching up with the show, and after losing all hope in it the last two episodes have made me excited about it again. I haven’t felt like that since the Red Wedding, so it’s a big deal for me haha.

    I’m SO here for Dany FINALLY coming to Westeros – and with Tyrion as her Hand she NEEDS to be queen. I adored the King in the North part, too, but I do feel like it should have been Sansa in Jon’s place as to me she’s got the better mindset to rule. I mean, look at how the Night’s Watch turned out in the end with Jon as Lord Commander…

    Great post!

    Charlotte @ Bookmarks and Blogging

    • Oh no! Why were you losing hope? Honestly, Season 5 was mostly sloppy (until the Hardhome episode, which is perhaps my favorite episode in the series), and Season 6 was lackluster in the middle. I think it’s because there’s no more source material to work with, so the producers have to fill in the gaps with what they envision. And that’s not the same thing as GRRM, ha.
      I really don’t like Dany. 😛 I don’t want her to queen, nor do I think she’ll end up on the Iron Throne. For some strange reason, I have a feeling she may die in the battle against the White Walkers. Just a gut feeling- may be wrong.
      To be fair, the Night’s Watch was infiltrated by many people who didn’t want Jon to be Commander in the first place. I definitely think Sansa is more politically savvy (which is why I have a feeling SHE may end up on the Iron Throne), but I do think Jon is honorable and just and can do better. Especially in a place like the North where people just live their lives and don’t get too involved in politics.

  4. I thought I was the only one that didn’t care about Daenerys. Honestly if she didn’t have Jorah and now Tyrion by her side she would have crashed and burned before even getting the chance to sail across but it was such an epic scene especially since we’ve waited 6 seasons for it.

    For me, this season belonged to Sansa Stark and Jon Snow. Those two are my dream team and I cannot get enough their scenes together. Their reunion never fails to make me emotional and the King of the North scene and it’s parallels to the declaration when Robb took charge had be sobbing. The music just gets to me. My only hope now is that Sansa crushes Littlefinger, such a creep. I have a feeling he might target Jon because he’s not as familiar to the political game as Sansa is, despite being the Lord Commander. I can see Littlefinger trying to use Jon as a means of trying to drive a wedge between my team. Of course Sansa will see right through it and just destroy him before the damage is done haha.

    I am so ready to see how Jamie reacts to “Mad Queen Cersei.” I feel like when the time comes and Cersei gets to the point of no return – if she’s not there already, then Jamie will be the one to deal the final blow.

    This turned out to be a longer comment than I thought it’d be so I’ll just sign off with a HALLELUJAH to that R+L=J confirmation and I can’t wait for season 7. 😀

    • Oh God, I could reach out into my screen and hug you HAHAHA. Nobody I know dislikes Daenerys- everybody LOVES her, and I’m just so meh about her entire character. She’s so naive and clueless about Westerosi power, history and politics. How will she rule the throne? She can’t expect her dragons to rule, can she?! Maybe Tyrion will talk some sense into her, because she’s in dire need of it, ha.
      I completely agree. Jon and Sansa stole the show- their acting was brilliant this season too. They really shined. I quite liked Arya, except for the part where she got stabbed 11058 times and was a-okay after a night in bed, but I’m glad she’s back. What do you think: I hear a lot of people talking about Sansa betraying Jon, but I don’t think that’ll happen. I’m curious what you might say.
      And OH MY GOD, that confirmation! That moment when the music was playing softly while we saw the baby, and then just a HUGE burst of the STARK THEME when the camera went to Jon. *cries* I will never be over it, NEVER.

      • The fact that she thinks that brute force and the threat of her dragons is enough to rule Westeros does not bode well for her. I don’t find her remarkable at all. I’d rather Tyrion just take the throne in her stead. 😛

        I wasn’t as invested in Arya’s story as I usually am – that is until the final episode came. I’ll be interested to see where she heads off to next.

        I do not think Sansa will betray Jon at all. She knows what Littlefinger is like and she’s more likely to act like she’s letting him think he’s manipulating her so as soon as his guard slips she strikes. The things is Sansa never wanted to rule, she just wanted her home back and she’s got it so now it’s all about eliminating the threats and Littlefinger is the big one. I’m telling you she’ll be the one to save Jon…again haha.

        Just think when Jon find out the truth though. I mean he’ll be going through one hell of an identity crisis and he’ll be like a little lost puppy. We also need more Ghost in Season 7.

  5. Seems GoT is very likable lately. You and someone else posted your favorites. Love seeing this. I enjoyed this season. It was slow at times, but there were so many pivot points throughout the season particularly towards the end. I haven’t read all the books (I think I’ve mentioned that)…but I don’t really want the show to end.

    • Haha! I think it’s just the high of the finale, you know? That’s getting everybody talking about it.
      I enjoyed it too. I think it slowed down tremendously after episode 5. Not much happened from then til the Battle of the Bastards, but those last two episodes were extremely well done.

  6. Great list! I must say Ramsey’s death was also one I would have added to the list but we cant have it all. And yes Sansa finally being reunited with Jon was the best thing for me in the season.

    • I might sound VERY strange, but I don’t usually enjoy villain deaths. I’ve never thought death gratifying, no matter how evil the character- perhaps because even the evil-est characters contribute so much to a story! I missed Joffrey 😛 And I’ll miss Ramsay, if only for the amount of crazy he brought to the show. I know, I’m strange.

  7. Lol I agree with Joey!! Everybody can teleport!! No no but this season was the best IMO, and it actually made me feel ten times more anxious for Winds of Winter, I need it in my hands now! We agree on many things, I honestly would rather see Dany with Tyrion than with Jon, even though T might still be a Targaryen in the books, I looks like they’re leaving that plot line out of the series. I also don’t like TV show Daenerys, she’s so one-dimensional. Loved the post <3

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