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Hello everyone! It’s that time of the week again! Top Ten Tuesday is a book meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Basically, you get a different bookish topic every Tuesday, and you comprise a list of ten (or however many you’re able to list) relating to said topic.

Today’s topic is ‘Top Ten New-to-Me Authors I Read for the First Time in 2015.’ I read tons of great books and great authors this year, so this is a great opportunity to tell you about some of the authors I read!

These aren’t in any specific order. I was strongly tempted to put Maggie Stiefvater and Patrick Ness in this list since I’d only read one book by each in 2014, and even that one in late December. But I managed to restrain myself! xD

Cinda Williams Chima


Cinda Williams Chima is a brilliant author, and even though I’m uber glad I have read her books, I wish I had read them sooner. She takes young adult fantasy to a whole new level. Her world-building, her characters, her writing- it’s all a pleasure to read. I have only read three books by her, and I am reading the fourth, but she has become one of my auto-buy authors, and I’m sure that I’ll be reading her books for a long time.

Sarah J. Maas


Now, I have some problems with the decisions Maas makes in her books, and I’m not the biggest fan of how she changes the course of her story halfway through the series, but I cannot deny that she’s a brilliant author. Her first two books in the Throne of Glass series are triumphs, especially the second one. She created one of my favorite male characters of all-time (cough Chaol cough). A Court of Thorns & Roses was also brilliant and made its way into my top books of 2015. So even though I wasn’t the biggest fan of Heir of Fire and Queen of Shadows, I appreciate Maas for what I did love.

Cassandra Clare


You might be surprised but I read all of Cassandra Clare’s currently-out books this year. Personally, I didn’t think I was going to like her books when I went into them, but they’re so addicting! Her writing flows with ease, her characters are fun, her stories are fast-paced. While the Infernal Devices means more to me than her the Mortal Instruments series, I still enjoyed the latter. I can’t wait to see what else she has in store for me!

Laini Taylor


I love Laini Taylor’s writing. Her writing is so whimsical and interesting. She paints vivid paintings with her words but she never overdoes it. I take a lot of inspiration from her writing. I read the Daughter of Smoke & Bone series this year, and I grew to love her characters, her story and the way she weaves her magical, beautiful words. Another auto-buy author for me!

Renèe Ahdieh


Renèe released her debut, the Wrath and the Dawn earlier this year, and as soon as I turned the first page, I knew I would love that book. And I did. Ahdieh is another author who has such tremendous command over her language. Her world-building, her characters, her story – everything is so well-done. So much so that I almost couldn’t believe I was reading an author’s debut! I can’t wait for what else Ahdieh puts out.

Mary E. Pearson


I’ve only read two books by Pearson even though she has more out, but I really enjoyed everything I’ve read by her. I think she’s very smart when it comes to making decisions about her series and her characters. She doesn’t let her fans guide her writing which is something a lot of authors tend to do, at least in my opinion. Her writing is simple and humble, but it’s effective. I wouldn’t say she’s an auto-buy author yet, but she’s definitely someone I’ll have my eye on.

Jenny Han


Slight aside: isn’t she the cutest? xD Again, I’ve only read two books by Jenny Han. The first one was one I really, really enjoyed and I don’t usually love contemporaries all that much. I wasn’t stoked on some of the decisions she made in her second book, but I still love her writing and characters enough to give the rest of her books a chance!

V.E. Schwab


I’ve only read one book by Schwab even though she has more out, but the one that I read was brilliant. Her characters in Vicious were interesting and on-point, and I loved how she centered an entire novel around anti-heroes. I’m interested in her other novels; I just haven’t gotten around to reading them quite yet.

Gillian Flynn


Again, I’ve only read Gone Girl but it was absolutely magnificent! Her twisted characters and their crazy relationships, the darkness of her heroines, her writing and the density and intelligence of it! I want to read her other books as soon as possible!

Andrew Smith


The first guy! I didn’t do this on purpose. I just love the writerly ladies! Now, Andrew Smith is a complicated one for me. I think he’s a brilliant, brilliant author. His books are intelligent, thought-provoking and completely realistic. I loved Winger, but I wasn’t a big fan of the second book I read by him, 100 Sideways Miles. I think his books are a little too weird for me, but I’ll still give his future books a go just because he’s such a skilled, talented writer.


  1. Yesss I’m rooting for Chaol too! I wonder why Maas has to give Celaena 3 boys. It’s just so confusing.. and annoying!
    I prefer TID over TMI too! Will and Jem are so shippable! I just hope Lady Midnight won’t turn out horrible

    • YAAAAS CHAOL MY DARLING. He gets so much hate and I’m a firm defender of his. #ChaolWestfallDefenseSquad. xD And right? Does she really need a new love interest for every book. All the signs in ToG and CoM pointed towards Chaol and Celaena being endgame and then… nope. 😛
      Will and Jem. T_T Those two. Their bromance will be the death of me, tbh. Love them so much.
      I’m a little annoyed that Clare is setting ANOTHER series in the same universe. :/

  2. I am so glad to have also discovered Renee Ahdieh this year! Her writing style is amazing and I can tell her future books are going to be even more amazing as she develops and learns more about writing! I’m very excited.
    Great post!

  3. Awesome list. Got me curious on a couple of the authors you’ve mentionned! I was wondering what happened to male authors, till I arrived at the end. 😀

    – Lashaan

  4. I haven’t finished the Throne of Glass series, but I do love what I read. She’s definitely becoming one of my favorites.
    You and I differ on Clare’s novels, though. I had a hard time with TID that I ended up putting the last book down a couple months ago and have yet to pick it up again. Although, once I was done with the third book of TMI I didn’t continue either. I felt the third book wrapped it up quite nicely. And I feel the two series, while set in different times and have different enemies, are very similar. It’s the same thing over and over – encounter a bad guy, someone gets hurt, escape, worry about the person who got hurt, encounter bad guy etc. etc. & even the love-interest is almost the same character! But maybe that’s just me.
    Sorry, that turned into a paragraph!

    Here is my Top Ten Tuesday!

    • I’m one of those people who preferred the first two books in the ToG series to the recent two. Not sure if I’ll continue or not, but maybe just because of Chaol and Dorian. xD
      I actually agree with you completely on the similarities and how annoying they can get. Will and Jace were basically the same people. I think the reason I enjoyed TID a bit more was because I thought the setting was more complementary to the Shadowhunter world than TMI. And I’m also one of those weird people who actually enjoyed the second half of TMI than the first half. I was apprehensive about continuing after City of Glass, but the fourth and fifth books ended up being my favorite in the series. 🙂 x

      • I’ve seen quite a few people that enjoy the second and first book more compared to the rest of the series. I’m curious on what I will think once I continue.
        I’ll continue the TMI series someday. I remember I started the 4th book, but it was all about Simon at first that I gave up (I really dislike his story). But yeah, Will and Jace are the same person to me. I kind of just want to slap them sometimes. And of course, in TID, the other love interest for Tessa is an almost dead drug addict -_-

        • Haha, I think we’re a sad minority. 😛 Every time I see the Goodreads rating for Queen of Shadows, I die a little inside because I’m convinced I read a different book. Sorry. I’m a bully to that series now, haha.
          Oh, yeah, you wouldn’t like the fourth book. I loved Simon, that’s why I enjoyed that book so much. But if you don’t like him much, you probably wouldn’t care.
          I was more invested in Jem and Will’s relationship than anything else in TID. I’m a sucker for a good bromance, and that’s what kept me going rather than the actual romance. :3

          • Haha, it’s okay to be in the minority! There are A LOT of books I read this year because of everyone’s high ratings that I disliked or just wasn’t as crazy about. Like ACOTAR, An Ember in the Ashes, Whispers of the Fallen, More Happy Than Not … I mean, really, the list goes on.
            Oh, yeah, if the whole book is mainly about Simon, I’ll probably take ages to get through it! Also, totally get what you mean about Will and Jem. I liked their friendship. It was sweet in a non-romantic way.

  5. I have been wanting to read every single one of these authors! ! I’ve already read books by Sarah J. Maas and Cassandra Clare (both of which I started reading this year), but I have at least one book by each of the rest of the authors on this list and I can’t wait to check them out 🙂 Which has been your favourite out of these ten?

    • Ah, yay, another person who just got on the bandwagon this year. I felt kind of left out. 😛
      It’s funny because if I hadn’t read Queen of Shadows, I would have said that my favorite was definitely Sarah J. Maas. Because ToG, CoM and ACOTAR were ALL 5-star books for me. But HoF and QoS brought her down immensely for me. I’m not stoked about her decisions for the series and her characters.
      So I’ll have to go with Cinda Williams Chima. I think she’s absolutely fantastic. Her writing is very polished, and her series could EASILY be displayed on adult high fantasy shelves everywhere. 🙂 x

  6. There are so may great authors on this list. I’ve still not mustered up the courage to read any of Sarah J. Maas’ work but I’m definitely intrigued. My summer turned into a V. E. Schwab binge reading session; I just love the complexity of her characters and the atmosphere she creates.

    • Maas’s body of work can be intimidating, what with the hype, so I definitely understand why you’re apprehensive!
      Have you read A Darker Shade of Magic by Schwab? I’m SO intrigued, but I just haven’t gotten around to giving it a go! x

      • Between the hype and the shipping wars that have now risen I think i’m just going to wait until all the books are out so i can read them in one sitting.
        I have read A Darker Shade of Magic and I loved it. It’s a great book with morally ambiguous characters. It’s a good set up for the second book and i can’t wait to get my hands on it.

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