IMG_4849Greetings, men, fellow women, non-binary people, sea turtles and alpacas. How do you do? They call her Aimal (who’s “they,” you ask? Well, she doesn’t know.) In case you’re wondering, her name is pronounced Aim-uh-l. That’s a weird name, you say? Yes, yes it is. It goes with the rest of her. This strange specimen of a human being was born on one fateful morning on November 30th in 1995. She was born and raised in Pakistan until she graduated high school and moved to New York City. She occasionally talks about herself in third person, and she sincerely apologizes for that. She can be found strolling through the stacks of the Strand bookstore, or eating at a particularly nice Thai restaurant around Union Square, or laying in bed discovering music on Spotify. Or binge-watching something on Netflix. She should really go out and associate with the human race a little more. She knows this, but she still refused to do that.

She’s an avid reader, and she has always been one. She enjoys getting lost in pages, whether they are about boy wizards or dreamy captains of the guard. She enjoys Nando’s chicken and she’s very upset that she can’t find it anywhere in this city they call the Capital of the World. Why the fuck is New York the “Capital of the World” when it doesn’t even have peri-peri chicken?Β She loves sweaters, the rain, boots, cookies and creme Pop Tarts and Flaming Hot Cheetos. She also has a borderline terminal obsession with wolves; she doesn’t know how this manifested, but it’s getting out of control.

She’s very passionate about her roots and culture, and she will force-feed you chicken biryani if you are her friend (and let’s face it, even if you’re not.) She may also force you to listen to Pakistani music, which she insists is the greatest music scene in the world. She can play the guitar, and she’s a mediocre singer, but she insists on singing in the shower anyways much to the dismay of her parents and roommates. And now, she will stop talking like a pretentious little shit.

Hello, there. I’m Aimal. It’s a pleasure to meet you.


  1. Love the look of your blog – easy to follow and so beautiful!
    Don’t give up on your book, even if you’re in a book writing funk just take a breather and then keep going after a while – but never give up writing! πŸ™‚
    – Aneta

  2. Hi Aimal

    I just wanted to pop by and say hello. Your blog is so beautiful .. I love the colours and graphics. I look forward to reading more of your blog posts.

    Nicola πŸ™‚

  3. I have gone through a few of your posts and I find that your blog is interesting and well written. Just have to leave a comment to let you know. Have a wonderful new week!! Cheers!

  4. Hello! I only recently discovered you, though I am familiar with your diversity meme and have seen many other bloggers partake. My name is Melanie, and I’m over at grabthelapels.com. I look forward to reading your blog posts!

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