Reviewing and promoting books is something I’m incredibly passionate about, but sometimes, I find myself wondering why I do it. Does my hard work make a difference in book sales or exposure for a book? Nothing makes me happier than when someone tells me that they added a book to their TBRs because of my review, or that they bought/read a book because I recommended it.

This is a page where you answer this question:

Which books, if any, have I influenced you to add to your TBRs, buy and/or read?

It’s a page that mostly exists for my self-motivation. It would help me out if I’m ever in a blogging rut – the reminder that the work I do makes a difference, even if it’s slight, is something that I find myself needed a lot sometimes. But more than that, this would help me garner a reputation in the industry, and would clearly help me obtain more books to promote.

Thank you for taking the time to check out the page, and taking the time to comment. 🌸


  1. That list of 2018 diverse recs honestly increased me tbr by at least 10 books. I’m so excited to read all of them and it’s 100% because of you that I even know that those books exist!

  2. You’ve actually helped me a lot. I trust your opinion and I remember one time I was really struggling with reading and I went to you for recommendations. I read A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC and THE HATE U GIVE because of you and I loved every second of those books. I constantly add diverse books to my tbr with the help of your blog/twitter so thank you!!!

  3. I trust your opinion so much that I literally add every book you rave about. Top 3 I can think of right now are FIRE BOY (which I still need to get), EXIT WEST and UNDER ROSE TAINTED SKIES, these two I’ll be reading very soon and I’m excited.
    Thank you 💜

  4. I added about 8 books to my tbr after one of your Twitter threads, including The Night Diary, Escape From Aleppo and Not The Girls You’re Looking For. Keep it up!

  5. I bought The Summer That Melted Everything and Never Let Me Go after reading your blog posts on them. Currently few books are on my TBR too, thanks to your blog.

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